The Department of Assyriology and History of the Ancient Near East of Ghent University has the pleasure of inviting Assyriologists, Archaeologists and Historians of the Ancient Near East to convene for the 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Ghent, July 15-19 2013.


The theme of the 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale is “Law and (Dis)Order in the Ancient Near East”. The Ancient Near Eastern civilizations have produced the oldest known so-called Codes of Law, the best known of which is the Code of Hammurabi. Research has highlighted the fact that these documents, although providing essential information on legal practices, are in fact mainly royal inscriptions and that the day-to-day legal practice was not based on them but extended much wider, developing as customary law. The theme of the meeting covers both these royal inscriptions and customary law, aims to explore the relation and contrast between both, but also the effect of their application on society, defining in how far they were able to transform disorder in order. The theme is not restricted to a particular period, land or region but is open to all fields in Assyriology and History of the Ancient Near East in its widest sense.


The venue is the recently renovated Emile Braun School, a former Jesuit building from the 17th century, which is now part of the Faculty of Law of Ghent University, and is situated in the heart of the ancient city of Ghent.

Program, Papers & Posters

The majority of the papers will discuss aspects of the main theme. Apart from that we welcome free papers on new textual and/or archaeological discoveries and new projects, as well as workshops and sectional meetings where specialists can meet and specific topics – within as well as outside the main theme – can be covered.

Papers will last no longer than 20 minutes, followed by a 10 minutes discussion. Abstracts (min. 200 – max. 500 words) should be submitted through the RAI-59 EasyChair page (that can be reached through the abstract page) before May 1st 2013. As an alternative to presenting a paper, we welcome posters, especially to present research results or announce new projects.

Registration & Payment

Participants can register for the 59th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale by submitting the registration form on this website. The registration fee is € 100 for IAA members and € 130 for non-members. After April 1st 2013 these fees will be € 110 and € 140 respectively. Students and accompanying persons pay € 50 if IAA member and € 65 if non-member. After April 1st 2013 these fees will be € 55 and € 70 respectively. Registration fees can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. Participants will only be registered after payment of the registration fee.


Organizing Team

K. De Graef, L. Oers, G. Suurmeijer, M. Tanret and A. Verhulst